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Filming Interviews with Your iPhone

Lately with the advances of COVID-19 and many states going into 'lockdown mode' more and more people are starting to face the challenges and opportunities of social video production. With that, some of my clients and friends have been asking me for tips and strategies...

4 Marketing Tools That I Love Using And You Will Too

When creating a marketing strategy and budget, it is import to select marketing tools to support your work. Here are a my 4 favorite tools that I use on a daily basis.1- google analyticsGoogle Analytics is a hub for traffic information of your website or blog. By...

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My Favorite Marketing And Business Podcasts

One of the most important traits in an entrepreneur is continued education. In 2019, that may come in many different formats. Personally, I LOVE podcasts. I bike for 3 hours every day and apart from that, I spend a lot of time in the car (Thank you I-4!). Listening to...

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